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A private story

Yin Yang Coastal is a true private kitchen.

Where all recipes are original, created by ex-designer and celebrity Chef Margaret Xu Yuan.

Where ingredients are brought fresh from local farms to your table.

Our signature Yellow Earth Chicken is roasted in the chef’s own design of a terracotta urn.

Yin Yang opened in Wanchai 2008 and won restaurant of the year, for organic farm-to-table Chinese cuisine which brings HK food culture alive.

3 years ago we have relocated to our garden beach house in Ting Kau Village, featuring the chef’s new adventures with old Hong Kong fishing village cuisine, reborn with wild contemporary notes.

Yin Yang coastal is the original Kitchen Yin Yang since 2008~we do not have any branches elsewhere in HK

Reservations only.


(852)28660 868   

what’s app 97842280



House 117, Ting Kau Village,

Tsuen Wan, Kowloon, HK.