Yin Yang opened in March 2008, in a rare 3-storey listed preservation building in the heart of Wanchai, accommodating only 30 seats.

All dishes on the menu are created by Chef and founder Margaret Xu Yuan, ex-designer who used to cook for one table as a hobby in her remote village den, a place she called cuisine X. With precious old methods such as stone-grinding that she learnt from village inhabitants.

3 months prior to  opening we started growing produce on our newly acquired  organic farm  to bring food lovers the freshest on the plate. We even create our own fruit wines such as Kumquat-cello. True farm-to-table Chinese cuisine-

presented in cosmopolitan Hong Kong style.

Casual dining or fine dining? It’s what you make of it.

That’s what real private kitchens are all about.

A true private kitchen

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A  true private kitchen

Kitchen Yin Yang。18 Ship Street。house。Wanchai。Hong Kong。

Opening hours: lunch  12:00 noon - 2:30 pm  dinner 7:00 - 10::30 pm

Days: Mondays - Sundays/ public holidays tel : (852)28660868. fax :28663810